The face behind Omnivision: Nick Gleitzman.

Web developer, photographer, digital artist and writer, Gleitzman works from a century-old railway cottage overlooking the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney. He also owns and operates The River Gallery.

Twenty years of producing photographs for some of Sydney's best art directors and designers has resulted in an uncommon eye for detail, a distinctive sense of colour and style, and a passion for aesthetic and technical excellence.

Ten years ago, having entered the digital realm in order to incorporate digital image management into his photographic business, he discovered, and became totally fascinated by, the possibilities of the then fledgling medium called the World Wide Web. Initially addressing the issues of delivering high quality photographic images at the fastest possible speeds, he soon became aware of a serious shortcoming of this powerful new medium: most Web sites were, at best, too slow, and at worst, didn't work at all!

His commitment to exploring the potential of the Web to entertain, to enlighten and to empower its users eventually led him to make the move to full time web development.

Now, having extensively researched and studied not only the code that drives web sites, but also the way in which people use this new medium, so unlike the traditional print or electronic media, he designs and builds sites which are robust across browser types and operating platforms, which load quickly, but which above all give their visitors a positive experience.

He approaches web development with the philosophy that sites should be built for people to use, but also that a Web site should integrate seamlessly with its owner's business strategy, working constantly to bring increased growth to the business it represents.

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