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More signal, less noise.

How often do you visit a site to be greeted by a bewildering array of links, options, banners and general visual noise? How often is it that you then have to decipher some arcane navigation system (I know, I know—I'm guilty. Here's why.) before you can finally start to follow links into the site, only to find that what you thought you'd find isn't there after all, and you have to backtrack and start over? Sound familiar?

The Web isn't supposed to be confusing. The Web has the power to enlighten, entertain and empower. It also has the power to help you attain levels of success in your business that you wouldn't have thought possible—if you use it wisely.

Simple, clean interface design. Clear, intuitive navigation. Legible typography and aesthetic graphics. Meaningful content. These are the things that make the difference between one-time visitors who quickly forget your site, and turning those visitors into clients—and advocates. Imagine that...