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Web sites for people, not statistics.

Ever noticed how marketing types refer to Web site visitors as "users", and their visits as "hits"? Kind of makes them sound like a bunch of junkies, doesn't it?

If you're analyzing site traffic for the purposes of selling advertising space, and you want to impress your potential advertisers with sheer numbers, "hits" are fine.

But I build Web sites primarily for small businesses, who rarely carry advertising on their sites. To them, the most important thing is not how many people visit their sites, but what they do once they're there.

The critical term here is people. Small business owners know that their success depends on building relationships with people. That their clients are people. That often, they know each and every one of them personally. And that if they treat them as statistics, they won't keep them for long.

More and more small business owners are realising that they need a Web site to remain competitive. They understand that a site can be working for them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That while they're busy meeting the needs of existing clients, their site can be doing the same thing—and lining up new prospects at the same time.

As long as their site is working. And that means not only available to all visitors, whatever computer and operating system they're using, but clearly, efficiently delivering the business's message. Dealing with them as if they were real people who've just walked in the door. Because they're not users, they're people.

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