What is websight?

Future-proof your site
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Future-proof your web site.

An alarmingly high proportion of web sites are obsolete. That doesn't mean they don't work; but they're built with out-of-date code, bloated with browser-specific propietary tags, presentational hacks and workarounds, and meaningless, non-semantic markup. They're clumsy, and they're slow.

Sites don't have to be that way any more. Using current standards-based code (XHTML for document content, CSS for presentation), websight delivers sites that are fast, and which will display in all browsers, right down to text-only devices like mobile phones.

Standards-based code is forward-compatible—that is, it's a way of coding sites which will be readily understood by browsing devices which haven't even been invented yet. Take a look at today's mobile phones, and what they're capable of, compared with the portable bricks which we carried around a few years ago. Who knows what will be in use five years from now? If your site is built with web standards—with websight—it will still work when that new technology is developed.

Websight will save you money on site development. It can even help to make you money that you otherwise wouldn't make. For the full story on how future-proofing your site can do this, see this longer article...

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