What is websight?

Future-proof your site
Sites for people, not statistics
More signal, less noise

What is websight?

Websight is more than just the ability to build sites. These days, pretty much anyone can do that. Websight is a clear understanding of how the Web works, and what it can—and can't—do for you. It's a clear understanding, through personal exerience, of the need to closely integrate a small business's web presence with its overall business strategy, and knowing how to have a web site support that strategy.

Using the latest coding techniques, websight is a way to future-proof your web site, and to make sure your message can reach the maximum number of people today—quickly, efficiently, and elegantly.

Websight is broad knowledge, and continual research, of the technology that drives the Web—and also of the way in which people use the medium. It's building sites for people, not statistics.

With clean interface design, intuitive navigation, legible typography and aesthetic graphics, websight delivers sites that are easy and enjoyable to visit: more signal, less noise.

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