So you want a web site.

10 things you need to know...

How long's a piece of string?
The real cost
The real cost (2)
Can I have it by Monday?
Do it once, do it right
Be aware. Be very aware...
Do your homework
Get organised
What's in a name?
Where to from here?

Do it once, do it right

A good site doesn't just happen; it takes careful planning, and careful execution.

A sloppy or haphazard approach to site development will almost certainly result in either a site that doesn't deliver the intended result, or a site which requires time-consuming reworking part way through the construction phase. Either way, it'll end up costing you more than you bargained for.

You want a site which makes it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you—and then come back and do it again, right? You only get one chance. The Web is a vast and varied resource. It's almost certain that your prospects will be able to get what they need on your competitor's site, if yours isn't up to scratch. And that's always only only a click away...

It's imperative that the first experience your prospects have with your site is a positive one. Clear, intuitive navigation, logical site architecture, a design aesthetic in line with your whole business identity—and, more importantly, their mindset. If they feel like they're in the right place to fill their needs, and they're enjoying the experience into the bargain, you'll have them hooked. Anything less and they're outta there.

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