So you want a web site.

10 things you need to know...

How long's a piece of string?
The real cost
The real cost (2)
Can I have it by Monday?
Do it once, do it right
Be aware. Be very aware...
Do your homework
Get organised
What's in a name?
Where to from here?

Can I have my site by Monday?

Another common question: How long does it take to produce a site?

It varies just about as much as the cost; there's that piece of string again. But it's definitely not an overnight prospect. Consultation, planning, producing content, site architecture, interface design, construction, testing. Then more testing. These things take time. Even the most straightforward site development project will take six to eight weeks; some extend to as many months.

So please don't expect to call me on Friday and have your site online by the end of the weekend. A project can be fast-tracked, certainly—at a premium. But you're making a long term investment. It pays to spend those few extra days, or weeks, to make sure it pays off.

Oh, and consider this: the single most common factor delaying the launch of a site doesn't come from the developer. It's the wait for the client to produce, organise and deliver its content.

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