So you want a web site.

10 things you need to know...

How long's a piece of string?
The real cost
The real cost (2)
Can I have it by Monday?
Do it once, do it right
Be aware. Be very aware...
Do your homework
Get organised
What's in a name?
Where to from here?

The real cost

You know what your site should cost you? Nothing.

It's totally erroneous to even consider that your site has a "cost" at all. If you approach the project correctly, and integrate the site smoothly into your business strategy, it's an investment. A number of my clients have recouped the financial outlay, with change, within weeks—even days—of launch. Not a bad ROI. Of course, they had to do some work in order to raise the invoices, but that extra business came about because they had a site to introduce them to new prospects, and to promote themselves to existing customers.

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