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Scope of work: Design

You have a couple of choices here. I'm happy to build a site designed by a third party, if you have an in-house designer, or a strong existing relationship with one. But again: the Web is not print. Web interface design is a specialist skill. It requires a keen understanding of how sites are used—not just how to make them look pretty. Make sure your designer really knows about the medium he's designing for. I do.

Whether you use your own designer or get me to do it, it's important that you let your designer do the job she's good at. After the initial briefing, based on your research, resist the temptation of "tweaking" the design ("Can we have the logo a bit bigger? And move it to there? And can this background be blue..?"). Trust your designer. Concentrate on being good at what you do. Remember, it's your job to deliver what the site offers.

Does your current logo work at a small size, at screen resolution? Do you have a logo? Your site's visual design should be closely aligned with and firmly support your whole corporate identity. Remember, for many people it will be their first point of contact with your business. Everything they see from you after that—your business card, letters, invoices—should be consistent with the look and feel that they first saw on your site.

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