Eyes wide open.

Web development work has taken a back seat in recent times, as I concentrate my efforts on being a photographer again. See some of the results on my other site.
 Nick Gleitzman photographs

Peripheral vision:
USA 2002
Bushfires 2002
RWC 2003

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Time marches on; all things change. Especially the Internet.

This site represents an earlier chapter of my life. I've moved on, or back, depending on your point of view, to photography. And to Hong Kong, as it happens.

But I offer this site, and its content, as an archive of the way things were before Web 2.0, when the adoption and implementation of Standards-based web design was the hot topic among developers around the world. Of a time when browsing devices that are now common hadn't even been invented yet. When developers learned that, by coding with Standards, their sites would still look good, and be accessible, on those devices.

And as an archive of my work from the decade 1995-2005. Or thereabouts.

To see what I'm up to these days, please visit my other site. Or, if you'd like to wander through these cobweb-draped halls, continue... Please dust as you go.